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Like most massage therapies, deep tissue massage relieves emotional stress. Left untreated, emotional stress will damage your long-term well-being and eventually your physical health will suffer.


Deep tissue massage has been proven to lower heart rates by up to 11bpm (beats per minute), as documented in a 2008 study called "The effect of deep-tissue massage therapy on blood pressure and heart rate". The study shows that on average out of 263 participants systolic, diastolic and arterial pressure were reduced significantly.


Deep tissue massage stimulates blood flow to the muscles and ligaments deep under the skin. This relieves pain and eases tension points also know as "knots" in the muscles. Over time with regular treatments, these knots disappear, eliminating pain entirely and freeing up range of motion.
Deep tissue massage treatments are particularly effective at relieving the symptoms of plantar fasciitis (policemans foot), fibromyalgia, tennis elbow and lower back pain.


Most people think of a visible mark on the skin when it comes to scar tissue, but scars can also occur deep within our body. The most common example is scaring of muscles when we do exercise. Scaring also occurs if we damage muscles, ligaments or tendons. Scaring of these deep tissues can result in pain, soreness, limitations to movement and a slower recovery time, particularly when it comes to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


Deep tissue massage therapy targets these damaged areas and provides long lasting relief from aches and pains. This massage promotes of flow of blood to the targetted area, cleaning out waste and dead cells, drawing in fresh, oxygenated blood to accelerate the healing process.


A regular deep tissue massage treatment plan can decrease the time taken for recovery after a vigorous physical activity like weight lifting and other sports. This enables you to back to your favorite sporting activity and improve your physical well-being much quicker.


The rigours of daily life take their toll on our bodies, particularly if your job involves a lot of manual labour. As time goes on, regular aches and pains can develop which if left untreated can become chronic long term problems. Hair dressers, chefs and labourers are just a few professionals that benefit from massage treatments in preventing long term health problems.

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